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Happy National Dog Day from Anthony & Stork!

We are extremely excited to have collaborated local with baker to bring you not only the freshest ingredients, but hip and fun dog treats. Whether you need a platter for a pup party or just a simple surprise for your furry one - let us know.

Last year, Anthony & Stork was able to raise a few hundred dollars and donate it to the San Francisco SPCA. This year our goal has been to spread love and encourage all to add a family member to their household. Spread the love and adopt today.

The Dog Days of Summer | Canine Treat Collection | Summer 2014 | Series I


Anthony & Stork | 4th of July | Salutations, from my home to yours.

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, and patriotism can be found in the smallest of things. The Masti Brothers Chocolatiers, really pack a punch to their chocolate bars. The decadent and unmatched flavors are truly exceptional. And the designs, I simply die over. I found inspiration in the paper designs and history behind the brand.

I Love Philadelphia is a whimsical little photo story I put together on how I kicked off my Birthday week and month.

I was truly grateful to have a weekend away with no set plans, great weather and in the company of a few good friends.

We laughed, joked, played fiercely, ate endlessly, explored the town a little, and ate lots of cake! I relaxed.

Thank you Andes and Ian for hosting us in your beautiful home. I found inspiration in everything.


Danielle’s Baby Shower | The Farm at South Mountain | Spring 2014

Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe


Hello Friends!

We had a few requests on the lavender sugar scrub recipe. We hope you have as much fun as we did when you decide to make your own. The mini sugar scrubs were put into goodie bags for the baby shower guests. Below is the recipe, we hope you have as much fun as we did making these cute little gifts.

Please contact me for label inquiries.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup almond oil (We used Olive Oil due to a nut allergy, this also gave it the yellow tint) Yours will be whiter in color.
  • 1/2 tsp Organic Vitamin E oil
  • 1/2 tsp real vanilla extract (optional)
  • 15 drops Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together. Double or triple for larger batches.

These last on the counter for up to 2 months (or more) keep refrigerated until you are ready to gift.

All of the ingredients (except the sugar) are available in high quality organic stores such as Whole Foods.

Easter | Sunday Table Setting



Easter Brunch Table Setting | Anthony & Stork | April 2014

This Spring I escaped the extremely warm valley heat and spent a week in the Quad Cities. My college girl friend Holly, recently gave birth to her third child so I went to visit, help with the nursery and photograph her family.

Since I would’nt be there for Easter Sunday, we decided to have a pre-Easter brunch. I designed a table settings for her family and few friends to joined us. I was inspired by my dear friend Pamela Benson. Years ago, she hosted a simple yet wonderful Easter Brunch. She had Robin’s Egg blue dishes and centered in the middle of each plate sat a little yellow duck cookie. Her succulent Eggs Benedict recipe and fresh Daffodils at the center of the table really made it an unforgettable afternoon.

I added a little yellow chick (not edible) because it was reminded me of cheer, sunshine and laughter. My hope was that the subtle hints of warm colors and playful plaques would leave the guests with the same feeling.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter.

What an amazing design and concept for birth announcements by Little Frills.

NEW FRILLS! I just listed these geometric birth announcements in the shop…available for baby boy or baby girl. Interesting play with triangles, features a black + white photograph, the details of the birth…date, weight and length, baby’s name as well as the proud parents. Perfect way to introduce your new baby into the world!

Look for the entire little frills collection in the shop soon…working on making it easier for you to shop all in one place! Meanwhile have a look at FRILLS PAPER + GOODS to see recent features + some example of custom work.

(Source: littlefrills)

The Ballines Family Distillery






The Ballines Family Distillery | Private Residence | Northern California | Spring 2014

Here is part II of the Ballines Family photo shoot. I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Adriana Mares, the Senior Hair and Makeup Artist at She really did a spectacular job with hair and makeup on both shoots. We wanted a classic yet whimsical look for this segment.

The young family wanted playful images to portray their young personalities in such an old home with decades of history. The vibrant Bohemian style skirt really added character to the images and complimented the scenery. Jaime’s bold bow tie really really added a pop to his more laid back style.

Follow us and watch this young couple flourish in their home environment. We are ecstatic to meet their new addition. Cheers!

(Source: NorthernCaliforniaFamilyPhotos)

The Ballines Family | Napa, California

The Ballines Family | Private Residence | Northern California | Spring 2014

I had the great pleasure of working with Jaime, Eli, and Jazzy in the vast valley of Napa, California. The Ballines family of three, soon to be four, asked me to capture them in their element, as they enjoyed each others company, and cherished one another’s presence.

The serene atmosphere which they call home, easily allowed them to express their joy and exude tranquility. From the iron patio floors, to the winter frosted vines, this truly exceptional residence was a magical place to be submerged in.

If you’re heading to little ones birthday party and would like to try something other than another general wrapping paper - try this method. Use any solid colored paper and tape a few crayons onto it. Give it as is, or have your little one draw balloons and party hats on it to spunk it up! Avoid the $6 roll of paper and spend 30 cents on the crayons.

If you’re heading to little ones birthday party and would like to try something other than another general wrapping paper - try this method. Use any solid colored paper and tape a few crayons onto it. Give it as is, or have your little one draw balloons and party hats on it to spunk it up!

Avoid the $6 roll of paper and spend 30 cents on the crayons.

Happy Valentine’s Week from Anthony & Stork | 2014

Happy Valentine’s Week from Anthony & Stork | 2014

Which Plastic Are You Purchasing?

Anthony and Stork would like to remind parents of which plastic containers are safe to use. When purchasing or reusing plastic containers, be mindful of the numbers located next to the broken triangle made of arrows. Here you will find a number between 1 and 7. These numbers are codes to tell you what the plastic is made from.

Items made of PVC and PS are coded with numbers 3 and 6; these have the highest likelihood of leaking hazardous chemicals. Containers made from Polycarbonate have the number 7. You can typically tell when a plastic is polycarbonate because it is a softer plastic.

Plastics with the numbers 1, 2, and 4 are made from polyethylene; those with a number 5 are made from polypropylene. These are safe alternatives for plastic containers. If you chooses to use plastic, remember that they should not be used in the dishwasher or microwave. Any exposure to heat will likely cause it to leak chemicals. Even if it the package reads “microwave safe,” it simply means that the plastic will not melt under extreme conditions.

As always, we would encourage you to stay away from plastic and use glass or lead-free ceramic. As a rule of thumb, remember to only use baby bottles free of Bispehnol-A.

Tip: If you like to package lettuce or salads in the fridge for the next day or later use; the lettuce will not wilt and hold up better in a mason jar.


It’s a go!

Plastics 1, 2, 4 and 5.

It’s a no-go.

Plastics 3, 6, and 7.